March 15 - Green Initiatives

Energy Curtains:

Exciting news - energy curtains were installed on the roof of the main house this spring. Their ability to hold heat at night and provide shade during the day results in a 40 – 50% reduction in energy requirements. Additionally, this feature will provide a more comfortable environment for our customers during those hot, sunny days.


Any sizable greenhouse operation has major water demands. That is why we have worked to minimize consumption by using flooding benches and water reservoirs. Rain water is collected, held in tanks and used for irrigating our crops and we know how much the plants love rain water.

Bio Bugs:

Most progressive growers are incorporating a bio-pest program into their operation. Fighting bugs with bugs, in combination with new organic-use rated sprays, provide our customers with plants that have not been exposed to pesticides. So, if you see packets in the plant material while wandering around the Greenhouse on the River, you are watching the goods bugs in action!

Pot Recycling:

Once you have planted, please bring your empty pots back so that we may recycle them. Glad to take them off of your hands.